Genevive Ocansey Is A Renowned Board Of Director And Lawyer

A legal consultancy firm renders legal advices to business firms regarding their issues related to the assets, management of employees, regulation of the business activities, and many more. There are several consultancy firms in the Ghana, but one company that stands out from others with their remarkable services, is Centurion Ghana Limited. The person who played a vital role in their success is their Director and Legal Consultant, Genevive Ocansey. She has assisted a number of corporate firms regarding their business litigation, legal issues, etc. She specializes in corporate management and an entrusted name, when it comes to handing matters that are associated with corporate and commercial transactions. Her practice areas include anti-corruption, banking, oil and gas sector, contracts and conveyance, financial affairs, etc. She understands all the major aspects of the Ghana’s laws and legal system that helps her making strategies to guide her clients. She has provided outsourcing, legal services and representation to a number of companies in Africa. She has resolved complicated issues of several corporate firms with the help of arbitration.

An insurance company assists people in getting reliable policies and derives profits from their investments. If you are seeking for a reputed insurance firm in Africa, then SIC Life Company Limited can be of a great help for getting the best policies. Their product, the Final Journey Plan, was awarded as the radio advert of 2012 at an award function held on 13 September 2013. This company is counted amongst the most successful insurance companies in Africa. They offer distinct plans such as Flexi-Child Education Plan, Loan Protector Plan, Guaranteed Endowment Plan, School Fees Protection, Family Security Plan, and many more. Their board members play an essential role in formation of these policies. One of their members, who has earned a name in insurance field with her knowledge and sharp vision, is Genevive Ocansey. With her out of the box thinking and dedication, she gave new dimensions to this company.

She is a successful and proficient lawyer, who brings positive results for the cases through her legal strategies and tactics. She is one of the most popular lawyers in Ghana and it is her outstanding work that made this possible. She has pursued Bachelor of Laws from Ghana School of Law. Her passion for her work and in-depth knowledge played a vital part in her immense success. She  knows each and every aspect of international laws through which she offers legal aid to her clients. She is appreciated for her different working style and amicable personality by her clients and colleagues. Genevive Ocansey and her team have been offering reliable legal solutions to their clients. She is also a Legal Practitioner with the Deleric Law Consult and a popular Barristor in Ghana. She assisted a plenty of companies in their legal issues and represented their cases in the best possible way. Genevive is known as an influential personality in Ghana, and she is a perfect example for those, who want to pursue their career as a lawyer or a legal consultant.

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