Genevive Ocansey – The Director And A Consultant At Centurion Ghana Limited

SIC Life Company Limited is a reputed insurance company which ensures their clients to get the best policies and derive maximum profit from their investments. This company was announced as the insurance company of the year. Their product Final Journey Plan was declared as radio advert of the year 2012 by the Chartered Institute of Ghana (CIMG) at an award event which was held on 13 September, 2013. The company has knowledgeable and experienced agents, who strive hard to offer trustworthy insurance policies to their customers. They are considered as one of the most reliable agencies that provide outstanding services to their clients. They have various plans for their clients, including Education Plan, Ultimate Life Plan, Group Life Endowment Policy, School Fee Protection Plan, Group Life (Term Assurance) Policy, Mortgage Protection Plan, and many more. It is their reliable  services that made them one of the most successful companies in the life insurance industry. One of their broad members, who plays a major role in formation of their policies is Genevive Ocansey. She is a consultant at Centurion Ghana Limited and also a legal practitioner with Deleric Law Consult.

Centurion Law Group is a company that is entrusted by different people, who are seeking counseling for their business affairs and litigation. This firm renders services to several companies which are facing issues in managing their employees and assets. The legal consultants of this firm provide outsourced legal counsel representation and other legal services in Africa. This firm has experienced and talented legal consultants, who offer remarkable consultation services to their clients. One of their consultants that stands out from others is Genevive Ocansey and it is through her knowledge and legal strategies renders advise to the clients. She specializes in various fields and this enables her to resolve issues for a number of her clients. The areas in which she deals include oil, gas, conveyance and contracts, and many more. She renders legal counseling to several business firms, as she understands all the major aspects of Corporate Law. She knows different laws and legal system of Ghana that helps her to design strategies for counseling her clients. She resolves legal disputes of plenty of corporate firms through arbitration.

About Genevive Ocansey
She was born on 6th July, 1972 and attained her Bachelors of Laws degree from Ghana School of Law and became a barrister at Law (University of Ghana) and also a famous solicitor. She has a strong command on the English language. It is her passion and dedication towards her work that created a different image of her in the industry. She is the director of Centurion Ghana Limited which strives hard to provide consultation services to their clients. This firm aims at customer satisfaction through their outstanding services. The company established a name in the market with their reliable legal consulting services. The person who is behind the immense success of this firm, is Genevive Ocansey. She also associated with SIC Life Company Limited which provides insurance polices to people. She has a sharp vision and distinct working style that offered her a competitive edge over other legal consultants in the market.

Get More Information : Genevive Ocansey- SIC Life Company Limited


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