Genevive Ocansey – Her Varied Interests And Affiliations

Genevive Ocansey is a lawyer by profession and has varied interest and important affiliations. She is a barrister at in the University of Ghana. She has graduate degree in law, i.e. LLB from the well known Ghana School of Law. She is an extremely competent lawyer and is known for her hands-on approach she adopts in all the cases that come to her. She also has experience in a wide variety of fields and this has held her in good stead while she practices law. Her dedication and ability to focus has made her a formidable attorney-at-law.  Her clients believe in her and her colleagues have remarkable respect for her negotiations skills and depth of knowledge about all types of laws.

Genevive Ocansey specializes in many fields one of which is corporate management including commercial transactions.  She is also considered an authority on certain aspect of corporate laws, international law and dispute resolution procedures. She however practices in various other fields too, including arbitration, contracts, conveyance, prevailing Ghana laws, financial affairs, oil and gas sectors, anti corruption advisory issues, banking and the general Ghana legal system.

Genevive Ocansey is a legal consultant and director at Centurion Ghana Limited and she has many clients who take her valuable advice on corporate affairs, business litigation and also out legal matters related to their respective businesses. Many companies in the country outsource all their legal work to Centurion and relevant work pertaining to her area of expertise is deftly handles by Genevive Ocansey and her team. She and her team function as a part of management in the clients’ offices. The team gives advice and consultation on all legal matters and also help in the management, supervision and coordination of all specific legal requirements of individual clients. Centurion is well known for providing legal outsourcing consulting and also legal representation along with a wide range of other relevant services to all their clients. Ocansey is also practitioner with Deleric Law Consult.

Genevive Ocansey is also a member of SIC life, which is an insurance company. This company whose tag line is ‘offering absolute peace of mind’ is basically an insurance company dedicated to customer satisfaction and proficient client delivery. This company endeavors to obtain and retain a larger share of the life insurance sector in Africa and thereby become the most successful company in the insurance industry. Ocansey supports them in this endeavor. With her immense knowledge about all aspects of law including the insurance aspect, she has been able to contribute her bit to make SIC the most dependable company in the life insurance sector in the country. The corporate mission of this company is to primarily employ dedicated and highly motivated workforce to help offer valued financial and other insurance products, while at the same time ensuring optimal return on investments to the shareholders. They have ensured that their customers are satisfied with the various life insurance policy packages they offer. Here also Genevive Ocansey and her team have been successful in giving their clients futuristic, innovative and life altering policies.

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