A Director of Centurion Ghana Limited – Genevive Ocansey

There are many lawyers the world over, but very few of them make an impression as Genevive Ocansey does. She is successful and is also very committed to her clients. Maybe it is right to say that she is successful because she is focused and dedicated to her clients. Her full name is Genevive Kabukuor Ocansey and her designation is a Director or Legal Consultant at Centurion Ghana Limited. She is also a legal consultant and practitioner with the well known Deleric Law Consult.

Genevive Ocansey has a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from Ghana School of Law a well known university. She practices law and is a barrister at Law (University of Ghana) and a popular solicitor. Due to her very amicable personality and high qualifications that precedes her; she is a sought after attorney at Law all over the country and even abroad. She has wide range of experiences to support her knowledge in various legal matters. She specializes in corporate management field and is considered an expert in matters related to commercial and corporate transactions. Her practice areas include dispute resolution, arbitration, oil and gas, contracts and conveyance, Ghana legal system, prevailing Ghana Laws, Banking, financial affairs, Anti- corruption advisory, labor and employment, International law, corporate law to name just a few.

Genevive Ocansey is with Centurion Ghana Limited, where she holds an indispensible position. Many companies functioning out of Africa consult her for their business litigation, corporate affairs, and other legal needs felt in the course of day to day activities. Most companies outsource their legal affairs to Centurion which sends their team to function as a member of the customer’s team of management.  Genevive Ocansey not only helps to render advice and service the issues related to the clients’ regular legal requirements but also remains ready to manage, supervise and coordinate the customers’ unique and specific legal affairs and other issues that might crop up in the course of the various business ventures. Centurion Ghana Limited is known to provide outsourcing, general representation and a full range of legal services to all the companies and corporations all over Africa.

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